Happy hours & GNO

January 29, 2019


Special to Today’s News-Herald

Remember the days when you went out to dinner at 7 or 8 p.m. with friends and got home about 10? Well if 60 is the new 40, and 70 is the new 55, then 9:30 is the new midnight! Retirees can’t do the late night partying anymore so now we go to happy hours and try to get home before dark. This is no problem when you meet at 4:30 for appetizers — except in the winter.

Our group of six women (mostly widows) meet every second Thursday of the month at different restaurants around Lake Havasu City. We have been to every happy hour in town at least once or twice and have our favorites. If you don’t want a drink you can order a soda or coffee. Many of my friends thought you HAD to order a drink at happy hour. They never went to one prior to meeting one of us. Look at all the fun they’ve missed!

We each order a different appetizer and share them with everyone at the table. Just ask for larger plates and let your waitress know you share. Our evening is all about sampling food and enjoying the social contact, conversations and each other.

We “doll up” on these outings. We talk about things that we find important.

“Do you have to have the ______surgery?” (Fill in knee, shoulder, hip, cataract etc.) “Where did you fall?” (kitchen, Rotary Park, stairs,etc.) “What did they name the baby?” (Bryan, Bryonna, Olyvia, etc. We enjoy each others company and talk about whatever we want. No topic is taboo.

We wear our little badges and laugh a lot. Maybe you’ve seen us or other groups like us around town? Although you don’t have to order badges or anything, I highly recommend that you follow our lead and start your own little happy hour group. We all need to get out more, laugh more and enjoy the restaurants in Lake Havasu City during happy hour. You will find that most of them are packed with people just like you. I would love to hear about your special groups. Email me at barbaratrombetta@frontiernet.net.

Barbara Trombetta is an author and a retired banker who lives in Lake Havasu City.