Support – and Celebrate – Small Business This Saturday

November 26, 2016 GMT

Today, after we have digested our big meals and had time with our families, small businesses in our community will be open to kick off the holiday shopping season. This is an opportunity for a broader celebration of what our small businesses bring to our communities.

A century ago, most business in our community was small business. Today, small businesses remain at the forefront of our community’s identity in ways that are big and small. What do small businesses bring us, aside from the smell of amazing bread and pasta, local produce, more tasty treats than the eye — or stomach — can possibly imagine, options for medical treatment and numerous business to business services that keep our local economy running? How about jobs, capital, and a diverse range of products, services and perspectives on the world that enrich our community, and make us unique?

It is said an entrepreneur is willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40.

As the director of the Klamath Community College Small Business Development Center, I have the privilege of working with many of our local entrepreneurs, business owners and pre-venture startups.

In 2015, we helped 220 small businesses or pre-venture clients by providing workshops, courses or free advising. Together, these businesses created 21 jobs. So far we are on track for another successful 2016. Each of our small business owners are dedicated to doing what they love. They are driven, hard-working and immensely talented. In many cases, they took a risk to go into the unknown and pursue a passion that serves our community.

Small businesses often need a helping hand to get going or make the decisions that can take a passion, idea or an investment into that next step of turning into a successful business.

We help our residents take these ideas and turn them into companies, with free advising from successful small business owners who understand the risks and rewards of the enterprise. When combined with classes and a state network of resources dedicated to helping small business thrive, we provide the powerful tools that help build successful enterprises.

This weekend, skip the lines on Black Friday and spend time getting to know and support the businesses in our community.

Join us as we celebrate the passion and expertise that comes from small businesses, while finding something fun for friends and family this holiday season.