Quotables: Lauer’s fall reverberates

December 3, 2017 GMT

As accused sexual harassers from stage, screen and Capitol Hill continue to tumble, the biggest thud last week undoubtedly came with the news that NBC “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer was canned after a “detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” according to a statement from NBC News Chairman Andy Lack. And while some celebrities and co-workers stood up for Mr. Lauer, many more praised the complainant and the guts it took for her to come forward. Status, power or privilege should never insulate or otherwise protect anyone from their own crude, demeaning behavior.

“The story today is the courage of a colleague who did come forward, and when and if she wants to tell her story publicly, I’m sure she will. But it did take a lot of courage for her to come forward. It was no doubt a very painful decision.”


A “Today” co-anchor with Lauer before she replaced Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood.”

“The women’s movement got us into the workplace, but it didn’t make us safe once we got there. And the battle lines are now clear. We need to move this revolution forward and make our workplaces safe. Corporate America is quite clearly failing to do so, and unless it does something to change that, we need to keep doing more ourselves.”


Former “Today” show anchor

“I, and other reporters have been aware of several women who have come forward privately in the past few months ... even before (Harvey) Weinstein. They weren’t willing to go public though ... they were terrified of Matt.”


A freelance journalist