Rita Ora ‘understands’ Girls controversy

February 17, 2019 GMT

Rita Ora understands why her single ‘Girls’ sparked outrage.

The 28-year-old singer’s track was widely criticised, with members of the LGBT community accusing Rita of trivialising lesbian relationships, but she’s insisted that was never her intention and that, at the time, most people weren’t aware she’s bisexual.

Rita - who featured on the single alongside Cardi B, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha - told the ‘What’s The Tee’ podcast: “When I was younger I was very experimental - in my late teens, early 20s - so I wanted to make a song about girls who may have been confused about who they are.”


Rita understands why she was accused of “using the culture” for her own financial benefit.

However, Rita “forgot” that the public weren’t aware that she’s bisexual.

She said: “When it came out I think people looked at it, because they didn’t know about my experience, like I was using the culture - which was understandable.

“I never looked at it like that because I knew I’d experienced it. But I forgot that nobody else knew that.”

Last year, Rita revealed she’s already snubbed the chance to write an autobiography.

The pop singer - who has also starred in the ’50 Shades’ franchise - worries she would lose some of her showbiz pals if she were to make their escapades public.

She confessed: “I have had an amazing life but I feel like I’ve just started.

“I have the best stories for days. But I feel like if I write them in a book, nobody would be my friend anymore. If I do it, it will be nameless, and what’s the point of sharing the story?”