Our View: Extend sales tax to pay for new sheriff’s substation

April 13, 2019

Anyone driving by the Mohave County Sheriff’s substation on State Route 95 in Lake Havasu City can tell it’s an eyesore. Word is the substation in the Fort Mohave area isn’t much better. So building new substations is a question of when, not if, it should be done.

Well, there’s no time like the present. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors will discuss extending a sales tax, set to expire at of the year, to pay for a new substation to replace both of the older west-side facilities.

The new sheriff’s substation would serve both Havasu and Mohave Valley, and it would be located near Franconia Road, not far from the Interstate 40-State Route 95 interchange.

It would also become home to a county morgue, and possibly animal control.

Truthfully, it’s a project that should have been pursued when it was first proposed nearly five years ago (supervisors chose instead to spend the rest of the sales tax money on the Kingman courthouse expansion.)

However, a good idea is a good idea, and ultimately it sounds like one that will save taxpayers money if efficiencies can be found by combining multiple departments into one building.

Supervisors should extend the sales tax on an extremely limited basis — no more than one year — as proposed by Buster Johnson. They should not interpret this as support for additional sales taxes to support other county projects.

Sales taxes should be approved on their merits, and this is one that makes sense for Mohave County.

It’s a logical step to expand county operations to the west, where most of our population growth has occurred over the last decade.

This area will continue growing, and while the two biggest population centers are incorporated cities that already have police protection and animal control services, there are plenty of people living on the outskirts of those towns — Desert Hills and Havasu Heights, for example — who will welcome such important services closer to home.

— Today’s News-Herald

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