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First all-girl troop welcomed into Boy Scouts: D.C.’s Troop 248

February 2, 2019 GMT

The first all-girls troop was welcomed into the Boy Scouts on Saturday, in a historic move that opened up the over century-old institution as it evolves to stay relevant amid years of dwindling membership and scandal.

In Washington, D.C. alone, nearly 28 troops with an estimated 200 girls took the Scout pledge over the weekend. February 1 marked the official welcoming of girls ages 11 to 17 to the Boy Scouts of America, which rebranded itself Scouts BSA after making the historic announcement in October 2017.

The troops are not co-ed, and in northwest D.C., nearly 20 girls were welcomed into the ranks of the newly formed Scout BSA Troop 248, reciting the Scout pledge and excited for new adventures of outdoor activities, wilderness skills and female camaraderie.

Running around in the official khaki shirts and forest green hats with the orange scout insignia, many of the girls expressed excitement at being the first to join such a group.

“It brings unity to the female gender,” Tatiana Johnson, 11, said, while also making a statement with her own shirt, reading “Anything boys can do girls can do better.”

For the parents of these girls, having the new Scouts BSA troop satisfies a few needs weekend activities, new friends and values of leadership, teamwork and independence.

“It’s a good story for our region, it’s bringing out something positive for our community,” said Allison Johnson, Tatiana’s mother.