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Man broke into house, used shower, ate steak, left with irrigation pipes

September 5, 2018 GMT

TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls man is accused of breaking into a stranger’s house to take a shower, eat a steak and steal irrigation pipes and wiring from the walls.

Isaac Douglas Brewer, 44, was arraigned Tuesday on counts of burglary and grand theft.

A man living on China Creek Road in Twin Falls County called police Friday morning to report that a stranger had stolen irrigation pipes and wiring from his home, according to an affidavit. The victim said he came home that day to find Brewer loading pipes into his truck.

When he confronted Brewer and asked what he was doing, the victim told police, Brewer said that a man named Dean told him he could take damaged pipes from the property. The victim said he told Brewer that the owner of the property wasn’t named Dean and that none of the pipes were damaged.

The victim then noticed the door of his house was open, he told police, when he went inside, his cupboards were open and empty and mattresses, tools and wiring were missing.

The man said he also noticed that the shower had been used recently and a T-bone steak had been removed from the fridge, thawed on the counter, and eaten.

When he went back outside, the victim said, he saw Brewer driving off.

Police found Brewer in his truck with the pipes and wiring eight miles away from the house, according to the affidavit.

When questioned, Brewer said he had talked to a man named Dean the night before who said he owned the property and told Brewer he was welcome to take the pipes for scrap. He told police the house doors were open when he got there that morning, but he never went inside.

The damaged pipes were estimated to be worth $2,100, police said. The house’s resident later found the mattresses and tools piled up in his yard.

Brewer was jailed on a $25,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 14.