Schedule announced for Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

April 3, 2019

HUNTINGTON — Marshall University Student Activities presents the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour, coming to the Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 2.

Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival is the largest, and one of the most prestigious, mountain festivals in the world. With stops planned in about 550 communities and more than 40 countries across the globe, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival. Banff has selected the following nine films to be shown at the Huntington event:

Tickets for Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour are $10. They are available at the door the night of the film fest. For advance tickets, contact the Marshall Artists Series Box Office at 304-696-6656 or order tickets online at Ticketmaster.com.

You may also visit the Joan C. Edwards Playhouse box office from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Here is a look at the film’s playing this year’s fest:

‘Far Out: Kai Jones’

(5 Minutes)

Eleven-year-old Kai Jones isn’t old enough to go to the movies alone or order a sandwich at the pub, but in the mountains age doesn’t matter. He is following in his family’s ski tracks right into backflips and tricks off of cliffs.

‘Grizzly Country’

(12 Minutes)

After serving in the Vietnam War, author and eco-warrior Doug Peacock spent years alone in the Wyoming and Montana wilderness observing grizzly bears. This time in the wild changed the course of his life. With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies now under threat, Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes.

“Viacruxis” (11 Minutes)

Marcel and Andrezj are a pair of legendary mountaineers. In order to achieve the summit of an unclimbed peak they will have to overcome formidable obstacles, suffer hardships and stand each other’s company for a very long time. But Andrezj is no longer willing to continue in Marcel’s shadow.

“For the Love of Mary” (6 Minutes)

When 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler dons his lucky ancient green running shorts, he’s not not just running to the summit of Mt. Washington, Etzweiler carries something else special with him: the memory of his late wife of 68 years.

“This Mountain Life” (39 Minutes)

A mother-daughter team set out on a six-month ski traverse in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

“DreamRide” (6 Minutes)

Inspired by a Dr. Seuss narrative, this mountain bike film is sure to take you places like no other.

“My Mom Vala” (10 Minutes)

Vala lives in Reykjavik, Iceland, and travels to Greenland for work and to immerse herself in rivers thick with migrating char. But for Vala’s 10-year old daughter, Mathilda, Greenland lives only in the stories that her mother tells and her own imagination.

“Reel Rock 12: Break on Through” (26 Minutes)

Margo Hayes, a little-known 19 year old from Boulder, Colorado, has moved to Europe to train and climb with the goal of succeeding on two of the most iconic 5.15s in France and Spain. But by pushing her body and mind to the absolute limit, she risks injury and failure in her quest to be the first.

“The Frenchy” (14 Minutes)

Jacques is an 82-year-old athlete, but the real story is how he inspires us with his contagious love of life, epic tales of survival and his ability to counter aging through laughter.

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is also sponsored by the Marshall University Film Club, iHeart Media, WSAZ, The Herald-Dispatch, Marshall University, and the Marshall Artists Series.