FIFA removes Blatter-era plaque from headquarters

March 24, 2017
A plaque in the reception of FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Friday, September 16, 2016 bearing the names of former president Sepp Blatter and his executive committee colleagues in 2005. It commemorated when world soccer's governing body moved into its new offices in Zurich, but many of the officials were subsequently punished in ethics cases. The plaque has now been removed. (AP Photo/Rob Harris)

ZURICH (AP) — FIFA has taken down a monolithic reminder of former president Sepp Blatter from its headquarters.

Since the building officially opened at a cost of $200 million in 2007, a meter-plus (4-feet) high silver metal plaque listing members of that year’s Blatter-chaired FIFA Executive Committee was fixed to a stone column in the reception area.

Visitors could read an inauguration message in French above names headed by Blatter, who is serving a six-year ban for unethical conduct.

Most men on the list have since been sanctioned by FIFA’s ethics committee, indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice or are under investigation by Swiss federal prosecutors.

Four medal-sized circles of gray stone have replaced the plaque’s settings in the wall.

FIFA did not immediately provide a reason for the plaque’s absence.