HUELVA, Spain (AP) _ Juan Antonio Ruiz de Alda, a former deputy chairman of the Bank of Spain, died in a head-on collision on a highway near this southern city, police said today. He was 54.

Also killed in the accident was his 19-year-old son, Miguel.

Police said the crash occurred Friday night when a truck collided with Ruiz de Alda's Jaguar. They said the driver of the truck was not seriously injured.

Ruiz de Alda ended a four-year term as the deputy chairman of the Bank of Spain on July 15. Since then, he served as an aide to the bank's chairman.

In 1982, Ruiz de Alda was appointed to head a national fund guaranteeing bank deposits and played a key role in helping many private Spanish banks after the banking crisis in the 1970s.

Ruiz de Alda, who received a master's degree in business from Harvard University, also founded and served as president of the Banif investment company. He is survived by his wife and 10 children.