White House slams Nancy Pelosi for ‘lie’ in accusing Donald Trump of revealing her travel plans

January 18, 2019 GMT

The White House said Friday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was lying when she accused President Trump of endangering her and other lawmakers by revealing their travel plans to Afghanistan.

“When the Speaker of the house and about 20 others from Capitol Hill decide to book their own commercial flights to Afghanistan, the world is going to find out,” said a senior White House official. “The idea we would leak anything that would put the safety and security of any American at risk is a flat out lie.”

Mrs. Pelosi termed it “very irresponsible” for Mr. Trump to reveal Thursday that she was planning to lead a congressional delegation to Afghanistan. Mr. Trump revoked her use of a military plane due to the government shutdown but announced that she and the other lawmakers were free to fly commercial to the war zone.