Nucor supports Trump

March 8, 2018

Nucor — the nation’s leading steelmaker — has expressed its support of President Donald Trump’s decision to impose trade tariffs on countries that export their steel products to the United States, often at highly subsidized prices.

Nucor, which operates four divisions in Norfolk and is based in Charlotte, N.C., issued a statement after the president made his announcement about the tariffs. It said:

“Nucor applauds President Trump’s decision announcing strong and decisive action by imposing tariffs on steel imports that threaten our national security. The president has consistently been a strong advocate for holding other countries accountable that systematically and flagrantly violate international trade agreements and free market principles.

“We are pleased that the president has decided to use all the tools at his disposal to send a clear message to foreign competitors that dumping steel products into our market will no longer be tolerated.”

The Nucor representatives said they believe the U.S. Commerce Department was correct in concluding that surging imports impair national security by limiting the ability of the domestic steel industry to supply national defense and critical infrastructure needs.

“The president is taking the appropriate response to this threat,” the statement said.