Hillary, Don’t Be Fooled by the Queen of Phony

June 15, 2016 GMT

By Marisa DeFranco

Special to the Sun

Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Only slightly less well known is this: Never pick Liz Warren as your running mate if you actually want to win.

Warren has been doing what she does best: Very little effort for maximum exposure. Where has she been for the last year while Hillary Clinton was battling Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination?

Warren didn’t move a finger to campaign for Hillary.

She’s been making the “fight” against Trump all about her. Fighting requires some self-sacrifice, some risk. She hasn’t been on the trail for Hillary. She hasn’t faced the grilling of the press for Hillary.


Hillary should proceed with extreme caution. There’s room for only one superstar in Liz World, and it ain’t you Hillary.

If Hillary’s team is expecting Liz to push them to victory in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, they are nuts. Liz is possibly a bigger phony than Trump.

Anybody who lobbies for Liz to be on the ticket vastly overestimates her popularity. Everyone knows she won the U.S. Senate seat in 2012 by a comfortable margin, eight points. But what they never tell you is that Obama won Massachusetts that same year by 23 points. Get it?

Liz isn’t even a good surrogate. She campaigned for Natalie Tennant, Allyson Grimes, Bruce Braley, Mark Udall. What do they all have in common? Hint: I didn’t write “Senator so-and-so” in front of their names. They’re all losers.

Hillary does need women and men who can go head-to-head with the likes of Trump and his posse. She needs as many strong, articulate, take-no-prisoners, kickass women from the real world as she can get. Women who have actually fought, on the ground, on the side of all the people who are angry at the system.

Hillary needs people who have stood up to bullies in the private sector and the government with no big money at their back. That’s not Liz. Liz has not waged one fight without big money behind her, whether it’s been the big money of academia, of giant insurance companies, the federal government, or the Democratic establishment.

The people in America’s heartland toss-up states will smell Liz’s special brand of phony a mile away. Hillary, don’t squander your political capital there.

Hillary, remember the lessons of 2008, in the days before Pennsylvania and Ohio. Your campaign was floundering, everybody had written you off, and your advisers were terrible.

Then you ditched Mark Penn, stopped following the formula, and started getting real. Unfortunately, it was too late. Now you’re in the perfect position to not repeat history.


Hillary, you need to stop playing the extreme left’s game. You need to bring the game back to your turf. You need to be true to yourself -- steady, tireless, and no nonsense.

Winning Pennsylvania and Ohio are essential to your victory. I’m from Pennsylvania. You’re going to win Philly and Pittsburgh. Trump’s probably going to win in the T. Northwestern Pennsylvania will be the battleground inside the battleground. Erie and the surrounding counties are where you need to crush it among conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans. Tom Ridge (not supporting Trump) was the pro-choice Republican congressman for eight years there and then governor.

Its population is older than other cities. I also lived in Ohio. Similar demographics. You have an opening here, Hillary, don’t blow it.

Our people have no patience for bulls--t. They are not given to falling for the likes of Trump, but they are on the edge economically; they might go for Trump if Democrats make Hillary into a left-wing package wrapped with a Liz Warren bow.

Hillary needs surrogates who can win arguments against the opposition and persuade voters. Picking Liz Warren who can only win an argument in a bubble will be the death knell of Hillary’s campaign.

Don’t willfully tank your campaign, Hillary. Don’t put the queen of phony on the ticket.

Marisa DeFranco is a lawyer from Middleton specializing in immigration issues, and an unsuccessful candidate in the 6th Congressional District’s 2014 Democratic primary.