Report Includes 30 Recommendations To Improve W-B Police Department

April 5, 2018 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — A report critical of city police department operations and leadership makes a total of 30 recommendations to help improve department operations.

The Citizens’ Voice on Wednesday obtained copies of two pages of recommendations from the report prepared by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and released to the city on Tuesday.

The two pages include 12 recommendations under a “Leadership” heading, and eight of nine total recommendations under a “Directives System” heading.

While Council Chairman Tony Brooks confirmed that those recommendations are included in the full report, he declined to discuss them.

He did say that the report also includes seven recommendations under an “Administrative Investigation and Issuance of Discipline” category, as well as two recommendations under a “Chain of Command” category.

Most city officials on Wednesday declined to comment on any specifics in the report until it is made public following an analysis by city Attorney Tim Henry, who will determine what — if any — information should be redacted.

Some of the “Leadership” recommendations are as follows:

• Successful leadership will require a chief who possesses the skills and abilities “to work collaboratively with the members of the Collective Bargaining Unit. The department cannot progress without leadership that demonstrates respect and concern for the welfare of the members.”

•Technical competency in tasks such as budgeting, planning, contracting, procurements, human resources management and labor relations is needed. “Command staff must be able to demonstrate ability in these skills.”

• Leadership cannot govern arbitrarily or with personal agendas. “Fair, equitable responses to performance or behavior deviations are mandatory.” Some of the “Directives System” recommendations include:

• A comprehensive review and update of the policy manual, and moving directives in memorandum form (if current) into the manual. Reviewing and updating policies should be “a collaborative effort” between the administration and the police union.

• Reviewing directives prior to issuance for clarity and to ensure there are no contradictions with other existing directives.

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