Time To Investigate U.S. Foreign Policy

February 5, 2018

Editor: With the recent government shutdown that adversely affected a large majority of the populous, I feel it is time for a change in philosophy. This shutdown affected me personally because I did not get paid during the shutdown. Luckily for me, the shutdown was short. Every government employee that was “essential personnel” had to work for free. Due to this issue, I investigated why this shutdown had occurred, and why neither party could agree. The answer was the national debt. According to the national debt clock the U.S. national debt is around $20.6 trillion. This to me is unacceptable. It is apparent both parties are the problem. Neither party seems to think maybe we should pay our bills instead of bickering back and forth on where to spend it. I majored in history and have a minor in international relation, and perhaps it is time to investigate the U.S. foreign policy. For as long as I can remember, the U.S. was involved in a war or conflict. If the U.S. needs to save money or cut spending to pay their employees, perhaps it is time to calculate precisely how much it cost to drop some bombs on a random country. Maybe try not intervening in foreign affairs and nation building and maybe give peace and trade a chance. The solution is simple: stop bombing and start trading. It’s vastly cheaper and more moral. Michael Leahey HANOVER TWP.

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