LSU vs. Florida: Key Players, Numbers to know, Matchups to watch

October 5, 2017

Two Matchups To Watch

LSU receivers vs. UF cornerbacks

The Gators and Tigers DBs often wage an argument with one another on who is the real DBU, standing for DefensiveBackUniversity. Well, maybe this game will go a ways to settling it (probably not). But WRs DJ Chark, Drake Davis and Stephen Sullivan have a chance to feast on UF’s youth. The Gators play two true freshmen, like LSU, in the secondary.

LSU linebackers vs. UF running backs

We spent much of our Next Level segment this week discussing the D-line’s role in slowing Florida’s rushing attack, but the linebackers are just as important, and that’s been an area of weakness. Sophomore Devin White has excelled, but senior Donnie Alexander is still rotating with a true freshman (Tyler Taylor) at the position opposite White.

LSU: Keep An Eye On No. 90

DE Rashard Lawrence makes his return. The sophomore missed three of the first five games while battling ankle injuries, and coach Ed Orgeron calls him a difference-maker on the D-line for a team that struggles with line depth.

Florida: Keep An Eye on No. 20

A top-20 running back out of Tampa, true freshman Malik Davis is believed to be the Gators’ top weapon. The 5-11, 195-pounder is averaging 7.4 yards a carry and nearly 80 yards a game. As a senior in high school, he led the nation with 2,469 yards and 33 touchdowns.



Tigers on the roster last time LSU played at Florida in 2014


LSU’s record against the SEC East since 2013


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