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Waupun Correctional inmate to appear on charges of punching guard

September 6, 2018 GMT

JUNEAU – A 28-year-old inmate at Waupun Correctional will make his initial appearance in court Wednesday for allegedly punching a correctional officer.

Andrew Whitcomb is charged with felony battery by prisoners, repeater, for the June 6 incident. He could face an additional six years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted of the charge.

According to the criminal complaint, Whitcomb was being disrespectful to staff during the dinner meal June 6 which led to having the inmates locked in their cells. Whitcomb allegedly swung his right closed fist and struck a correctional officer’s right eye. The correctional officer also struck Whitcomb in an effort to protect himself from the attack. He then moved away from Whitcomb, but Whitcomb continued to approach the correctional officer. The correctional officer was able to gain control over Whitcomb after spraying pepper spray toward his face.

He then pressed his body alarm and another correctional officer came and was able to hold Whitcomb on the ground. After an additional correctional inmate arrived, they used an electronic control device to gain control over Whitcomb who was still resisting the officers.

According to the criminal complaint, Whitcomb refused to make a statement about the incident.

Whitcomb currently is scheduled for release in 2031 after being convicted of armed robbery in 2014.