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Injured woman sees not a penny of her settlement

May 1, 2019 GMT

I am a retired nurses aid. I live in elderly housing. I fell on black ice this winter as I was crossing the street to get my mail.

I broke my hip and had total hip replacement. I hired an attorney, as there was no sand or salt on the ice, the road I live on is a private road. A settlement was reached for $15,000 or more — I received none of it. No explanation was given to me. My attorney said I get nothing.

I had planned to use some of this settlement to move closer to my family, as I have other health issues since this fall.

I am 75 and can’t believe an attorney could be so unscrupulous. I have a paper that states I was supposed to get a third of this settlement! I intend to fight this with every breath I take.


I also now realize attorneys don’t like to go after other attorneys.

Sharon Stilson Zilinek