Ned Lamont ‘best choice’ for towns

November 3, 2018 GMT

From the perspective of a small town resident and official, Ned Lamont is the best choice to run Connecticut.

Financial Responsibility. Lamont understands the past failures of both parties that created the serious financial dilemma our state faces. He has pledged to work with the General Assembly and cities and towns to improve our situation. He will work with businesses to keep them in Connecticut and bring new ones to our state. His “hands-on” management style already brought one large firm with the promise of 1,000 IT jobs to Connecticut. He has sound ideas for addressing the pension fund issues that underlie much of our budget problem.

In contrast, Bob Stefanowski relies on the discredited theory of supply-side economics and promises to eliminate the state income tax. He has no plan for making up the lost revenue. This experiment was tried in the state of Kansas and failed. I’ve lived in both Kansas and Connecticut. While they are very different states, they are not different enough to make a repudiated theory work here. Stefanowski’s experiment will lead to continued budget uncertainty and shortfalls and require towns to increase property taxes to make up for the lack of state funding.

Openness. For several months, Lamont has made the rounds in Connecticut and made himself available for interviews and meetings with groups of citizens to listen and learn. He recently made a stop in New Fairfield to learn about Candlewood Lake and to meet with a group of women. Stefanowski, in contrast, has refused to participate in interviews and only recently has begun meeting with people, other than fundraisers, on a limited schedule. He has isolated himself from average citizens.

Put Connecticut on a sound path by supporting Ned Lamont for Governor.

Khris Hall

New Fairfield