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‘Big Brother’ Star To Leave Home

August 22, 2000 GMT

COLUMBUS, Ind. (AP) _ Karen Fowler, who spent six weeks living in CBS’s ``Big Brother″ house, plans to leave her own home.

She said that on-air discussions of her troubled marriage have made her an outcast in the community, and that she plans to move to California with one of her four daughters _ and without her husband of 22 years, Tom.

``I’m sickened by the way people want to judge me so quickly and defend him,″ said Fowler, 43.

Viewers voted Fowler off the show last week, just as she had hoped. She told The Indianapolis Star she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown _ ready to divorce her husband, worried about her children and constantly under stress from the cameras that watched her every move.

Contestants on the show compete to outlast each other in the house. The final one remaining after three months wins $500,000.