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New clinic to open in Laguna Vista

May 6, 2018 GMT

LAGUNA VISTA — A new health clinic is slated to open Monday in Laguna Vista.

Residents in the area will no longer have to drive far to receive primary health care.

In January University of Texas Health RGV committed to opening and operating a health clinic for the area for a minimum of five years.

Currently, there are five clinics across the Valley that have partnered with UTHRGV.

Most of the clinics are located in the upper part of the Valley.

Senior director of clinical operations Linda Nelson said the partnership between the school and the town has been great.

“We are excited to be in the Laguna Vista community,” Nelson said.

The main focus of the clinic will be primary care and service patients of all ages.

“It will be primary care for the island and surrounding towns,” Nelson said.

Labs and physicals for students will be made available for residents.

The clinic will employ three full-time staff members including a nurse practitioner native to Laguna Vista.

Physician Dr. Laura Manzanilla-Luberti will also be on staff and in the office for half a day each week.

As the clinic grows, more physicians could be added to the roster depending on the specific needs of the community.

Nelson said surgeons or doctors specializing in women’s health could possibly be brought in and added to the schedule once the clinic becomes established.

“As the need arises we’ll adjust,” Nelson said.

The staff has been moving into the new location located across from City Hall and will be open for business Monday, May 7 at 8 a.m.

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WHAT: UT Health Primary Care, Laguna Vista

WHEN: Open Monday to Friday beginning on Monday, May 7

WHERE: 723 Santa Isabel Boulevard

TIMES: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PHONE: (956) 296- 5889