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May 12, 2019

Archeologist stumbled onto a burial site

Set up a “dig” with historical right

Sifted until they uncovered a tomb

Within the parameters of a room

Carefully displayed all they found

Unusual treasures within the mound

Clues from the past, a chance to learn

Lifestyle patterns to discern

Rusted needles, some recipes,

Garden pants with worn-out knees,

Dilapidated broom, a weaving hook,

Remnants of a child’s storybook

Pewter tray to feed the kittens,

Tiny pair of redarned mittens,

Scrubbing board and clothesline pins,

Bible marked forgiving sins

Hand-crafted cards to some relations,

Paint brushes and art for decoration,

Cameo locket on a tarnished chain,

Scraps of letters revealing pain…

Whose domain did they discover?

The timeless role and care of MOTHER!

Don Aslett of McCammon is the founder of The Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Ave., Pocatello, and still enjoys giving tours to all visitors. Check out the museum’s website at www.museumofclean.com.

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