LED Christmas lights will save you money and energy

November 29, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - As you get your Christmas decorations put up this holiday season, the Nebraska Public Power District has some money and energy saving tips for you.

Energy Efficiency Program Manager Cory Fuehrer says if you treasure putting up lights on the house and around the tree, you should think about switching to LED lights.

“The LED technology is as such now that they can produce about ten times more the light with the same amount of power than incandescent lights do. Consequently, they draw a lot less electricity through the lines and typically customers are seeing 80-90% energy savings associated with their holiday lightening by switching over to LED technology.”


Fuehrer says using more efficient lights also frees up energy that can be used to heat homes when temperatures hit their lowest points during the winter.

Fuehrer also encourages you to have your Christmas lights on a timer so they aren’t on all night.