Letter to the editor: Water pollution continues

April 1, 2018

Delmont Borough continues to discharge raw sewage directly into Beaver Run, a significant source of municipal water for Westmoreland County. These discharges have occurred on average several times per month, from multiple locations, for unabated hours and even days at a time, through at least the last two decades.

To date, it does not appear that fines or levies have been assessed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection against the borough of such magnitude that would provide incentive for action to mitigate these circumstances. Other local communities and businesses have been heavily fined for environmental violations far less significant and habitual. In fact, Andrew Shissler, borough council president, confirmed in correspondence dated Oct. 10, 2017, both the long-term nature of these issues and the fact that the DEP, in active disregard for its mandate to enforce environmental law, has long turned a blind eye to the borough’s blatant defiance of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Act.

As you drink water provided by the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County from the tap today, or cook with it, or bathe in it, keep these matters in mind.

Julie Rebitch