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Hibachi House offers delicious, no-frills dining experience in Lehi

May 16, 2019 GMT

If you’re looking for a straightforward, no-frills Japanese dining experience, then Hibachi House in Lehi should be your cup of Miso Soup.

Hibachi House has been a staple in Lehi for years, and is one of those places known for providing a well-rounded menu with good food and heaping portions, at cheaper prices and with much less flair than some of the more upscale Japanese restaurants.

My wife and I visited on Saturday evening, and had a mostly enjoyable visit — at least until a group late-teen males grabbed a table next to us and proceeded to talk loudly about, well, things you might expect a group of boys that age to openly discuss. There were uplifting topics such as the relative hotness of specific girls they knew and not exploding each other’s toilets after their meal, etc. We’re not sure what actual condiments they used to enhance their dishes, but they did pepper their conversation liberally with expletives — which wasn’t really the pre-Mother’s Day ambiance we were hoping for.


At Hibachi House, you order your meals at the front counter and then find a table. The dining room was pretty roomy, with table seating for around 80 people. When your meal is ready, they call out your number and you pick your food up at the front again.

When we mentioned things were pretty straightforward in the beginning, we weren’t joking. Everything is served in plastic foam boxes. (No need to ask for any to-go boxes!) Utensils are plastic, drinks are from a soda dispenser and there are four different dipping sauces available to choose from to accompany your meal. The four sauces include mustard, ginger, white and teriyaki. My favorite turned out to be the ginger as it added some excellent flavor to my filet mignon and chicken pieces. The teriyaki sauce was also good.

The menu features separate sections for appetizers, soup and salad, hibachi entrees, teriyaki, chicken, sides and sushi. We sampled the gyoza as an appetizer, with six of the delicacies coming with a dipping sauce. This was another situation where the ginger sauce came in handy. The accompanying gyoza sauce was a bit strong to our taste, but the ginger sauce proved to be the perfect complement.

I sampled the onion soup, which included crispy onion, mushrooms and scallions. The broth and all ingredients were delicious, and once I worked through the ingredients and was left solely with the broth, I picked out several mushroom pieces from my entree and added them into the remaining liquid to further enjoy the soup.


We sampled several entrees, which also came with a collection of vegetables and choice of noodles or fried rice. My favorite entree was the Hibachi Filet Mignon and Salmon. The meat was cooked perfectly to medium-well specification and the glazed salmon was especially delicious. Once again, the enjoyment of both was enhanced by the ginger dipping sauce.

My wife is always a fan of the chicken dishes, and she ordered a straightforward Chicken Teriyaki plate. The chicken was broiled with teriyaki sauce and was tasty. It also was enhanced with further dipping in the extra sauces.

We also sampled the Sweet and Sour Chicken and Sesame Chicken entrees, that came pretty much as advertised in their titles. Delicious and ... maintaining the prevalent theme ... straightforward.

The fried noodles were good, but we weren’t fans of the fried rice, which seemed a bit dry and also had a different taste than one would normally expect.

All in all, we had a solid experience at Hibachi House, and it’s easy to see why this remains a longstanding, popular destination in Lehi.