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Tiger Woods describes himself as ‘Cablinasian’

April 23, 1997 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) _ When Tiger Woods was asked in school to check one box that best described his background, he couldn’t settle on one. Perhaps that’s because there wasn’t a box for ``Cablinasian.″

That’s the word that best describes his background, a blend of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian, the 21-year-old golf star said on ``The Oprah Winfrey Show.″

Woods, described as the first black Masters champion, said it bothers him when people call him an African-American.

``It does,″ he said Monday during the taping in Chicago. ``Growing up, I came up with this name: I’m a `Cablinasian.‴


Woods’ race has often been an issue in a game played predominantly by whites. It was brought to the forefront again when Fuzzy Zoeller referred to him as ``that little boy″ and urged him not to put fried chicken or collard greens on the menu of the Champions Dinner next year at Augusta National.

The remarks were broadcast Sunday on CNN’s ``Pro Golf Weekly,″ a week after Woods’ record-setting victory at the Masters.

Zoeller, who won the tournament in 1979, apologized Monday, saying he was merely joking when he made the comments after finishing his round at Augusta, while Woods was still on the course.

But on Tuesday Kmart said it had ``mutually agreed with Fuzzy Zoeller to immediately end our relationship.″ with the golfer. The company said the decision was made ``after it reviewed the comments″ by Zoeller.

International Management Group, the agency that represents Woods, said he would not comment Tuesday. He was in Portland, Ore., to meet with Nike Inc. executives.

Woods is one-fourth black, one-fourth Thai, one-fourth Chinese, one-eighth white and one-eighth American Indian.

When he was asked to fill out that form in school, he said he checked off African-American and Asian.

``Those are the two I was raised under and the only two I know,″ he said on the show, to air Thursday.

``I’m just who I am,″ he said, ``whoever you see in front of you.″