Our View: Help others celebrate Thanksgiving and stamp out hunger in Havasu

November 21, 2018 GMT

Lake Havsau City residents have a lot to be thankful for. Beautiful surroundings. Friendly neighbors. Mild weather conditions (at least, during this time of year.) The good life in Havasu is easily found, and that’s why it can be so easy to forget that not everyone has it so well.

Yes, the poor are among us. And many rely on the community’s compassion each year.

This Thanksgiving, remember that there are many people here who don’t know where they’ll get their next meals.

Consider passing along your blessings by giving them some food security this holiday. You can start by making a donation to the local food pantries.

Lake Havasu City is a generous community, with two food banks (one operated by St. Vincent de Paul, and the other by the Havasu Community Health Foundation), but the shelves are often cleared as soon as they’re stocked, so donations are always welcomed.

Havasu Community Health Foundation’s food bank is already serving nearly 350 families just 10 weeks after taking over for the now-closed Interagency Council Food Bank. St. Vincent De Paul serves 400 families.

To help, keep a pantry basket going at home, adding nonperishables to it a bit at a time.

Fill it by shopping the buy-one-get-one and case sales with the intention of buying extras for the pantry. When the box is full, drop it off at one of the food banks.

Or, you can make donations more anonymously by making use of the “blessing box” at 145 N. Lake Havasu Ave., near Fire Station 5. It is used to distribute nonperishable foods, infant items and hygiene products.

Before you settle in to your own holiday planning, do your part to help your neighbor this week. Consider donating some food for the holiday, and consider making such donations a regular habit throughout the year.

Stamping out hunger ought to be our goal in Lake Havasu City.

— Today’s News-Herald