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This felt letter board is a perfect accessory for your next event

May 8, 2019 GMT

Felt letter boards are an affordable Instagram-worthy accessory for your home, and they can add a meaningful message when you’re celebrating an event. Whether you want to say, “I love you, Mom” on Mother’s Day or “Happy Birthday!” at an office party, a felt letter board can be used in place of a printed banner to get the message across. Here’s why this Amazon customer favorite is perfect for your next event:

Unlimited Possibilities

Unlike banners or signs that can only be used for a single event and create waste after the party is over, a felt letter board can be used to create customized messages over and over again. This letter board from Henro has black and white letters, symbols like stars and arrows included, and bonus cursive words like “celebrate” and “love” to add extra flare.


High Quality Design

With so many letter boards on the market, some boards are made from cheap plastic and don’t hold letters well. This board comes in at just $20 but has a dark gray finished wooden frame with a light gray felt background that’s high quality enough that it wouldn’t feel out of place next to the wedding guestbook signing station.

Why Customers Love It

Customers loved that this felt letter board came with custom cursive words, different colored letters, and symbols included as opposed to brands that only had black uppercase letters. They also loved that the built-in stand held up during busy events, and that the border was made of wood instead of plastic.

Henro Felt Letter Board Message Signs available from Amazon