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Schools could benefit from cameras -- Michele Leighton

April 28, 2019 GMT

Concerning recent claims made by minority youth of racial slurs, bias and brutality by teachers and library staff in Madison schools, is it time for security cameras be added to every room in schools, libraries and recreational facilities? Should body cameras be worn by every person of authority who interacts with young people?

From what I’ve read, many of the recent incidents sound more like out-of-control children who lack basic manners and have no respect for authority, than acts of blatant racial bias on the part of the adults involved. If a child (no matter which race) is causing problems and being disruptive or aggressive and refuses to stop, what are the adults in charge supposed to do? Should adults let the child control the situation just so the adults don’t end up getting in trouble?

I hate to think of our precious school and community resources needing security and body cameras, but perhaps that is what will ultimately be necessary to prove what really happens in interactions between young people and adults that didn’t turn out well.

Maybe cameras will stop the “he said/she said” polarization in our community and replace accusations with facts.

Michele Leighton, Madison