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Eight Relatives Hospitalized After One Leaves Car Running

February 24, 1986

LEWISTON, N.Y. (AP) _ Eight family members were hospitalized after one of them left a car running for several hours, spewing carbon monoxide from the garage into the bedrooms of the attached house, police said.

Niagara County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Incardona identified the victims as the six members of the Kashshian family and two guests, Mrs. Kashshian’s sister and her husband.

Larmin Kashshian, 18, was listed in poor condition Sunday night at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo. The seven others were listed in fair condition in one of two Niagara Falls hospitals.

Incardona said the family had gone to a dance in St. Catharines, Ontario Saturday night and that Larmin Kashshian then drove home alone in one of the two cars the family had taken to Canada.

″She pulled in (the garage), closed the garage door and ran inside the house to open the door for the others,″ he said. ″Apparently, she left the car running and in the ensuing confusion, it was not noticed.″

Incardona said Mrs. Nora Kashshian awoke at about 3:30 a.m. because one of her children, 11-year-old Tony, was sick.

Mrs. Kashshian also became ill, he said, and called for her husband, Anthony, 59. He also became faint when he entered the room, but Incardona said he was able to get the rest of the family members out of the house.

Listed in fair condition at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital are Nora Kashshian, Talin Kashshian, 16; Mrs. Kashshian’s sister, Susie Voskorian, 35, and her husband, George Zappauigua, 34. Voskorian and Zappauigua are from Willowdale, Ontario.

Listed in fair condition at the Niagara Falls Medical Center were Anthony Kashshian, Tony Kashshian and Nashig Kashshian, 14.

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