FOTAS: Dads and dogs: A rewarding, healthy combination

June 11, 2018 GMT

With Father’s Day just one week away, it’s time to think about his gift. What do you think he’d like this year? Another tie? Probably not. More cologne? No way. A shirt? A book? A coffee cup with “World’s Greatest Dad”? Boring, boring and OMG, what are you thinking?

Instead, how about giving him a shelter pet that needs a home? Bring him to the Aiken County Animal Shelter and let him select a dog or cat to adopt. Not only are pets great companions, but they’re also good for his health. Research suggests that owning a pet reduces stress, drops blood pressure and even lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Dog owners also exercise more because they walk and play with their canine. If Dad is more of a cat guy, scientists say the purring of a feline reduces anxiety and its frequency creates a vibration that has the power to help heal bones, tendons and muscles. Ever hear of a tie or mug doing that?

And here’s an added incentive to take your dad to the shelter to get a pet: The FOTAS “Big Dog for Your Big Daddy” adoption special. From June 14-16, all dogs 30 pounds or more will be available for only $30. (Cats and kittens are just $10 all month.)

The shelter has many wonderful big dogs available for dad, including:

Chevy: Nicknamed “Tank” by the shelter staff, the 2-year-old, mixed breed Chevy arrived as a stray with his buddy, Mason. Tipping the scale at 73 pounds, this boy is a true joy to be around and will make a great couch buddy for any dad.

Mason: Chevy’s BFF, 4-year-old Mason has expressive eyes and a good heart. He loves fetching balls and other toys, as well as rolling around in the grass. This 56-pound boy is starting to get a little depressed that no one has adopted him yet.

Goliath: A strikingly handsome mixed breed, 2-year-old Goliath loves to take car rides. Surrendered because his owners could not afford him, Goliath is 58 pounds of muscle and sweetness.

Grover, Oscar and Bert: These three mixed breed dogs are brothers and arrived at the Shelter as strays. They are just a year old and very athletic. Bert is white with black markings and both Grover and Bert are black and brindle. Grover is 72 pounds, Bert is 66 pounds and Oscar is the “runt” at 65 pounds.

Preston: Two years old and 57 pounds, Preston is a happy, playful mixed breed who was picked up and brought to the shelter as a stray. He gets along with most other dogs and is a staff and volunteer favorite.

Adopting a pet is exhilarating, rewarding and gratifying. Whether dad wants a big dog or a tiny kitten, the shelter has a furry friend for him. This Father’s Day, give your dad a present that he not only will love, but also will love him back – unconditionally.

Their lives are in our hands.