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National Geographic Publishes All-Holographic Cover

November 15, 1988 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ National Geographic magazine is producing a publishing first in its December magazine, an all-holographic cover.

″Never before has any magazine published an entirely holographic cover; no ink was used on the front, spine or back,″ the magazine reported.

It’s the third time, however, the magazine has included a hologram - a three-dimensional photo - on its cover. It published an eagle in March 1984 and the skull of the prehistoric Taung Child in November 1985.

More than 10 million copies of the magazine will be issued with the gold- tinted cover. National Geographic spokeswoman Barbara Moffet said Tuesday the cost of the special effect has not been tallied.

The cover of the magazine includes the traditional ″National Geographic″ title plus a photo of the globe being shattered.

The breaking Earth was chosen to symbolize the theme of the December issue of the magazine, which focuses on the fragile nature of the planet with articles the imperiled rain forest, nature conservation, threats to the arctic and population growth, among others.

The photo of the breaking Earth was made by shattering a Steuben crystal globe, the magazine reported, using a green laser light to produce the image.

The three-dimensional image of the hologram is produced by printing the photo with microscopic ridges - 20,000 per inch, on rolls of clear plastic.

The back cover of the magazine features an advertisement for McDonald’s restaurants, with a holographic photo of one of the chain’s restaurants.