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Herbivore senator offers bill to protect Nebraska’s livestock industry

January 19, 2019 GMT

LINCOLN - A meat-labeling measure is being introduced in the Unicameral by a vegetarian legislator.

State Senator Carol Blood, of Bellevue, says LB-14 would require truth in advertising when it comes to the sale of meat in Nebraska.

“If you have a product and you want to market that product and it happens to be plant-based, or made in a lab, or insect-based, you cannot use the word meat,” Blood says. “I believe ‘meat’ means any edible portion of any livestock or poultry carcass or any part thereof.”

Besides making sure labels are truthfully represented, Blood says the legislation is intended to protect the state’s livestock industry.

“All the states talk about how to protect their coffers, how to lower property tax, but they never talk about protecting an industry that’s currently in the state,” Blood says. “We need to protect not just the cattle industry but all of our livestock industries because that is where the true success comes from here in Nebraska.”

Blood says even though she doesn’t eat meat herself, she believes this measure is important.

“I’m going to protect our industries in Nebraska because it’s the right thing to do,” Blood says. “As plant-based products continue to grow and try and tap into the meat market, they’re going to continue to use this creative advertising that will be misleading.”

Blood expects her bill to come up either in the Agriculture or Judiciary committees. If it becomes law, anyone violating the policy would be guilty of a Class One misdemeanor.