Fortenberry, Fischer vow to vote for Trump following criticism

October 12, 2016

Nebraska U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer and 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry pledged again to vote for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday after calling for him to get out of the race over the weekend.

The two were among a swath of Republican leaders nationwide who called on the New York real estate mogul to cede the Republican ticket to his running mate Mike Pence after video emerged of Trump making lewd comments about women on a hot mic before taping a 2005 TV show.

“The comments made by Mr. Trump were disgusting and totally unacceptable under any circumstance. It would be wise for him to step aside and allow Mike Pence to serve as our party’s nominee,” Fischer said Saturday in a statement.

Fortenberry also condemned the comments. “For my part, I ask that Donald Trump step aside and allow Mike Pence to become the Republican nominee,” he said in his statement.

On Tuesday, both explained in separate interview on KLIN-AM’s Drive Time Lincoln with Coby Mach why they plan to vote for the polarizing presidential nominee.

“I never said I wasn’t voting for our Republican ticket,” Fischer said.

Fischer said she will not continue to call for Trump to step aside after he refused to bow out of the race.

She repeated Tuesday the comments were disgraceful and unacceptable, but she said she aligns with Trump on business regulation, tax reform and gun rights.

“For me it’s not a tough choice because I know where the Republican ticket is on these issues,” she said.

She couldn’t imagine where the country would be under a Hillary Clinton administration, she said.

Fortenberry also vowed Tuesday not to empower Clinton.

And at this point, a Republican ticket without Trump isn’t possible, he said.

“Having Mike Pence at the top of the ticket is not a legal way out,” Fortenberry said, explaining his decision Tuesday.

Voting Trump for president is important to block a Clinton presidency and for the direction of the Supreme Court, Fortenberry said.

Also, that vote still carries Pence’s “steady leadership,” he said.

If Trump wins, Fortenberry wants his presidency to make the treatment of women a priority.

“I will do nothing that empowers Hillary Clinton,” he said.