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BC-Entries Ruidoso Downs

May 4, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Thisizit;126;No Mires a La Luna;126
Sixes Royal Chick;128;Dash Forthe Mountain;126
Arizona Chrome;126;Bk Wildflower;126
Favorite Conquest;126;One Fast Prize;128
Bodacious Call;126

2nd_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

My Little Corona;126;Quemados Royal Moon;126
Flash for Corona;128;Jess Saying;126
Prince of Bo Dash;128;Tempt Me Honey;126
Onedashingdifference;128;Jess Send Money;126
A Taylor Dynasty;126

3rd_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Jes Got Momma Issues;126;Ls Hombre;128
Priceless Perry;128;Victory Ro;126
Molonco Cartel;126;Strong Goodbye;126
Valiant Kash;126;Chets Big Secret;126
Wicked Coronado;126

4th_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Confidential Class;126;Childress Cartel;128
Reyna Azul;126;Dashingtobfamous;126
Best Bigtime Mv;126;Cr Seis Pack Corona;128
Temptin Senorita;126;My Dashing Secret;126

5th_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Brace for a Runaway;126;Wave My Booty Byebye;128
Jess Lefty;128;Pale Face Brenda;126
Wikipedia B;126;Rts Guns and Roses;126
Dashing Moon Baby;126;Frontier Days;126
Typhoon Moon;126

6th_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Pilotpointdashing;126;Secret Sister;126
Slighty Jess;126;Direct Deposit Fs;126
Sweet Emmilou;126;Corona Cobra;126
Cyns of Tequila;126;Woodbridge Reserve;126
Smokin Bodash;128

7th_$4,000, trl, 3, 4 & 5YO, 3½f.<

Tempting Streak;126;B D Leader;126
Valiant Tiberias;126;Exclusiv;126
Senator Tequila;126;One Slick Carter;128
R Scootin On;126;Alcohol Ya Later;126
Ricardos Cartel;126;Kid Comeback;126

8th_$11,200, mdn spl wt, 3, 4 & 5YO F&M, 5f.<

Shesapackinpunches;117;Show Stepper;117
Silver Tyger;117;Haylarr;117
Sandia’s Ember;117;Buca Sarabi;117

9th_$7,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 7½f.<

Commanchero Spring;122;Biglick;117
Super Day;122;Bad Rabbit;122
Dani’s Ring;122;Awesome Logan;122

10th_$8,400, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 1mi.<

Red Pepper;122;Stormin Sam;122
Primo Pro;122;Happy Forty Eight;122
Ize On Tickle;122;Terras Song;122

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