Tracy McCool shares moving Facebook post about husband’s cancer

December 3, 2018

Tracy McCool shares moving Facebook post about husband’s cancer

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- WJW Channel 8 anchor Tracy McCool revealed in a moving and candid Facebook post that her husband, John Cook, has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

McCool told her Facebook friends and followers that they learned of his cancer in October at the Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Center.

“October 11, 2018: We joined the fight no family wants to go through,” she wrote in this heartfelt Facebook message. “As I walked out of the Taussig Cancer Center with the love of my life, I closed my eyes, struggled to catch my breath and TIME STOOD STILL. I grabbed John’s hand and a wave of emotion nearly brought me to my knees. I couldn’t imagine life without him, our children without their Dad and precious time together as a family.”

Cook, 49, is the owner of an MMA training center. He is a class of 1987 graduate of Copley High School.

“Doctors think John has had it for a long time,” McCool wrote. “It was raging behind his rigorous lifestyle. Ju jitsu, grappling, sport performance. John was having back issues from time to time. Eventually, it reared its ugly head. No more quick recoveries. It was one punch in the gut after another as we went through all the scopes, scans and labs. I thought to myself, ‘It can’t be! He is still in his 40′s, fit and in the prime of his life.’ Stage 4 colon cancer. It’s an aggressive form that has spread throughout his body.”

McCool, who joined Channel 8 in May 2000, also wrote about telling the couple’s two children.

“Telling the most precious people in our world was gut wrenching,” she wrote. “Cassidy and Carter’s sweet faces will forever be seared in my mind. John is their hero! He is this big indestructible teddy bear. The questions to follow will weigh on my heart for a long, long time . . . We hid nothing from them, answered their questions honestly. We are in this together as a family!”

McCool and Cook met as teenagers at Copley High School. They married in 2002.

“We know we are NOT in this alone,” McCool wrote. “Many of you reading this right now have been touched by cancer and perhaps have run into us at the Cleveland Clinic. Every morning I open my eyes and look over at John hoping this is all just a bad dream, but it’s not. It’s reality. So, we fight like everyone else. I told John, ’God didn’t give you cancer because he wants you to die. He gave you cancer because he wants you to live like you’ve never lived before. You’ve got to find your fight! Go and Be the HERO of your story!! We are all waiting on the edge of our seats.”

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