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Hagedorn enrages the lefty loons -- Robert Rittmann

April 5, 2019

My thanks to all the pro-life patriots and people of faith who voted for Judge Brian Hagedorn.

After Hagedorn’s brilliant victory to win a seat on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Tuesday, lockstep lefty loons will lurch even more to port. It’ll be fun to watch them act out again -- raging against the machine, tilting at windmills, creating political strawmen, shouting inanities with their hair on fire and their collective thrombosis throbbing. It’ll be a hoot.

It’s not very sporting, though -- kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. We live in such a target-rich environment of lefty lunacy, inside the Tofu Curtain of the People’s Republic of Madistan. Pass the popcorn, please.

Democrats tried to use Judge Hagedorn’s deeply held traditional conservative religious views against him. It backfired -- bigly. All common-sense conservatives know that no religious litmus test can be used, according to our Constitution.

Robert Rittmann, town of Sun Prairie

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