Quarter by quarter: Ohio State 62, Nebraska 3

November 7, 2016


Tommy Armstrong: Nebraska’s quarterback makes a crucial mistake on the third play of the game, throwing into traffic on a slant instead of tossing the ball to his back, Terrell Newby. Ohio States deflects the ball and safety Damon Webb plucks it and returns it for a pick six. OSU leads 7-0.

Jordan Westerkamp: On the Huskers’ next possession, he draws a pass interference on third down. Then, on another third-down pass that seems headed for him, he deflects it to Stanley Morgan, who catches the ricochet and runs 26 yards deep into OSU territory.

Cethan Carter: The Husker tight end is back from a three-game injury absence, and he makes a key third down catch to extend NU’s drive. The series stalls out at the Buckeye 2, though, and NU must settle for a short Drew Brown field goal. NU trails 7-3.

Curtis Samuel: Ohio State’s big-play athlete sprints 16 yards on a jet sweep early in OSU’s first drive.

J.T. Barrett: The Buckeye quarterback is special when he has time in the pocket and twice on Ohio State’s first drive, he does, converting a third-and-20 with a 22-yard pass to Dontre Wilson and a 7-yard touchdown to Terry McLaurin as he rolls out. On both plays, Barrett had ample time to make the play.

Westerkamp: Makes a beautiful 32-yard grab on a one-on-one route. The catch gives Armstrong the NU career total yardage mark.

Stanley Morgan: Can’t come down with a deep pass inside the OSU 10. NU has to punt.

Samuel: Ends the quarter with runs of seven and 11 yards as OSU is again on the march.

* * *


Mike Weber: OSU’s bigger, stronger back meets linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey on a third-and-2 and carries Rose-Ivey two yards to the first down.

Weber: After a pass interference penalty on NU cornerback Chris Jones, Weber rumbles 23 yards for a TD, shrugging off Nebraska safety Kieron Williams inside the Husker 5. OSU leads 21-3.

Tre Bryant: Fields a kickoff that seemed likely to go out of bounds and returns it to the NU 10. An illegal block-in-the-back penalty pushes the Huskers back to the 5. NU punts, and the Buckeyes start at the Husker 31. OSU drives for a field goal and leads 24-3.

Dontre Wilson: Drops a Lightbourn punt, lets it bounce right off his chest, and NU’s Luke McNitt recovers. Nebraska gets its first break of the game.

Armstrong: At the end of a quarterback draw, he hits his head hard on the sideline turf and slumps motionless afterward. Trainers from both teams tend to him, and Armstrong is strapped to a stretcher, given a neck brace, and carted off the field to an ambulance. His replacement is quarterback Ryker Fyfe.

Mike Riley: NU has a fourth-and-1 at the Ohio State 15. Instead of trying a field goal, Riley goes for it and calls a rollout pass that blows up in Fyfe’s face.

Barrett: Runs 20 yards on third down. OSU converts one third down after another and eventually whittles its way down to the NU 1 with seven seconds and no timeouts left. There, Barrett throws a jump pass to Samuel for a TD and a 31-3 halftime lead.

* * *

THIRD QUARTERSamuel: On Ohio State’s first offensive play of the second half, the OSU speedster runs right by Aaron Williams, catches a pass from Barrett, and runs 75 yards for a score. 38-3 Buckeyes.Weber: Catches a swing pass from Barrett and runs 15 yards before a Husker touches him. Later, he rumbles 24 yards — breaking several Husker tackles — to set up another Barrett touchdown pass. 45-3 Buckeyes.Fyfe: Throws deep to Westerkamp, but he can’t connect. Nebraska punts.Wilson: Catches a 10-yard pass on third down for a first down.A.J. Alexander: OSU’s freshman tight end catches a 6-yard pass on fourth down to extend OSU’s drive. It leads to a field goal.Malik Hooker: OSU’s safety catches a deflection — another deep heave from NU — and goes 48 yards for a TD. 55-3 Buckeyes.* * *FOURTH QUARTERFyfe: On NU’s last good drive, he marches the Huskers down the OSU 9. On fourth-and-8, he hits Westerkamp on a pass, but the senior is stopped just short of the first down at the Buckeye 2. Nebraska turns it over on downs.Joe Burrow: Ohio State’s backup QB — the son of former Husker coach Jimmy Burrow and an NU fan for a chunk of his life — comes in and plays well, leading OSU to a TD.Fyfe: Throws one more deep pass. It falls incomplete. NU punts and OSU runs out the clock.