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Cardio Renal Centers of America opens in Blackfoot

August 15, 2017
The Rahim brothers dedicate the new Cardio Renal Centers of America facility in Blackfoot Thursday evening.
The Rahim brothers dedicate the new Cardio Renal Centers of America facility in Blackfoot Thursday evening.

BLACKFOOT – Medical doctors Fahim and Naeem Rahim have partnered with Fresenius Kidney Care and Cardiologist Dr. John Lassetter to open the new Cardio Renal Centers of America in Blackfoot.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new facility was held Thursday evening. The facility is the first of its kind, offering cardiology, nephrology, and interventional radiology services under one roof in a multi-disciplinary medical clinic that cares for patients suffering from heart and kidney disease.

“This is something that has not been done anywhere in the country,” Dr. Michael Haderlie said, echoing the words of Dr. Hira Siktel, Medical Director of the Fresenia Kidney Care dialysis facility.

The inspiration for the one of a kind facility came from two Bingham County brothers 13 years ago.

“They were two brothers from Blackfoot, they were ranchers and farmers,” Dr. Fahim Rahim said. “They were in their 80s. One of the brothers got kidney failure and got on dialysis.”

Fahim went on to say that that one brother would drive the other to dialysis in Pocatello. After some time they asked the Rahim brothers to build a dialysis center in Blackfoot, so that future generations would not have to leave town for treatment.

The facility houses a new center that will offer peritoneal dialysis, which uses the lining of the abdomen called the peritoneal membrane, to filter the blood, as well as the traditional, hemodialysis, which uses a machine, often called an artificial kidney. The facility will also offer training for patients to do their dialysis at home. Because kidney failure and heart disease often go hand in hand, the facility will also offer cardiology care.

“Bingham Memorial is proud to be a part of something that will revolutionize the way heart and kidney care is delivered to patients,” said Mark Baker, Director of Marketing for Bingham Memorial Hospital. “The innovative approach these physician partners are taking will save the lives and improve the quality of life for thousands of people. We’re excited to see this model grow and be adopted all over the country and to know that it all started right here in Blackfoot, Idaho.”

During the ceremony, a plaque dedicating the facility to Col. Mohammad G. Rahim, the father of the Rahims, was unveiled. The public was invited to tour the facility after the ribbon cutting.

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