Saudi Arabia Demonstrates Trump’s Hypocrisy

November 17, 2018 GMT

The World Food Program recently announced that 14 million people in Yemen are on the brink of starvation due to Saudi Arabia’s attack and blockade of Yemen. Over 50,000 Yemenis have died from the bombing, including 40 children on a school bus in August, while Save the Children estimates that at least 50,000 more children have indirectly died of starvation since the war began.

This is only possible because the U.S. sells Saudi Arabia billions of dollars of weapons. Last month after Saudi Arabia kidnaped, killed and dismembered Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi with a bone saw, president Trump said the weapons will keep flowing. “I know they’re (Senators) talking about different kinds of sanctions, but they’re spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs.”


Other presidents also ignored Saudi Arabia’s medieval barbarism in favor of weapons deals and oil access, including Obama, who overlooked many ISIS-style mass beheadings like the one in 2016 where 47 people were killed for various crimes including “sorcery.” This unconditional support leads to terrorist blowback around the world, including Osama Bin Laden and 15 of the 19 Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers, as well as the theological framework for ISIS, which is similar to the extreme form of Islamic Wahhabism practiced by the Saudi government.

President Trump has shown that he’s fine with that as long as U.S. bomb-makers can make a quick buck, and if millions of Yemenis happen to starve, that’s just the price of doing business.

Erik Jung