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Introducing Furtuna Skin: Italian Skincare Brand Debuts Wildly Potent New Ingredients And Breakthrough Innovations

November 13, 2019
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Furtuna Skin
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Furtuna Skin

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Furtuna Skin is redefining clean beauty by introducing powerful new ingredients to skincare that are both wild foraged and certified organic, raising the bar for natural efficacy and performance. Hand-foraged from the wild, the highly potent botanicals produce transformative results for skin. Blending old world traditions with category-defining innovations, strict sourcing protocol, and powerfully concentrated formulas, the Italian brand delivers hyper-performant, natural products with wild, organic botanicals that are unique to the industry.

The brand’s first product, and the first of its kind, Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum, which translates to “Gateway to Vitality,” is a dual-use face and eye serum designed to lift, reduce puffiness and even skin tone as it protects and renews the skin’s glow. Organically grown, wild Sicilian botanicals, such as the exclusive Anchusa azurea, supercharge this serum with nutrition and moisture to rejuvenate the skin. Clinically tested for eye safety and free of fragrance, this proprietary formula benefits both face and eyes to produce an instant glowing transformation. The luxurious elixir absorbs in seconds and can be layered with additional products.

Founder and international model Agatha Luczo and co-founder and clean beauty pioneer Kim Walls were inspired to create Furtuna Skin when they discovered the wealth of wildly potent plants on Agatha’s private, organic certified estate in Sicily. This bountiful farmland known as La Furtuna holds a treasure trove of more than 12,000 olive trees (some of which are 600 to 1500 years old), 500 unique plants and 50 medicinal wild herbs. The botanicals from this unspoiled land are exceptionally potent and pure, nourished by pristine mineral spring waters and lush soils that have been untouched for centuries. As the brand expands, Furtuna Skin will travel the world curating the purest and most potent natural ingredients, following a strict sourcing protocol.

With the help of Furtuna Skin’s resident botanist, Agatha and Kim have uncovered a wealth of medicinal plants and harnessed their benefits to create effective skincare formulas. This curated selection of wildly potent Extremophyte™ plants is made up of indomitable botanicals and trees that survived extreme environmental conditions and through natural evolution, developed supercharged nutrients. Many Extremophyte™ plants grow wild and are foraged in their natural habitat, allowing them to become stronger and more resilient as a result.

The formulas feature Exclusive Bioactives, rare and potent, sustainably sourced natural ingredients only found in the brand’s skincare. The Splendore Anchusa™ Complex, a blend of wild-foraged plants in many of the brand’s formulas, debuts Anchusa azurea, a rare medicinal flower that is new to skincare. The bioactives from this plant are packed with Vitamins B, C and E, phenols, flavonoids and fatty acids and contain potent anti-inflammatory and protective compounds that shield skin against environmental stress with the highest antioxidant activity of any wild edible Mediterranean plant.

Bringing unprecedented performance to natural clean beauty, Furtuna Skin formulas contain concentrated levels of powerful bioactive nutrients that deliver transformative results without harsh, irritating ingredients. The brand holds its clean beauty formulas to Europe’s stringent regulations and safety standards, creating products that are free of over 1,300 harsh ingredients banned in the EU. “By offering full visibility and sparing no expense in our development process, we hope to create a transformational effect on the clean beauty movement, leading it forward with a new level of efficacy for natural ingredients,” says Agatha Luczo. “Every facet of Furtuna Skin is transformational; from our ingredients that evolved into wildly potent Extremophyte™ plants to the stunning, skin-changing effects of our formulas.”

Through bold innovation, Furtuna Skin brings technological advancements to the skincare category such as the Soundbath™ Extraction Method, a pioneering process that originated in the pharmaceutical world, which preserves the potency of active ingredients. “The Soundbath™ Method allows for a gentle and quick extraction of the whole plant ingredients without damage which we felt was an imperative part of creating such potent bioactives for our products,” says Kim Walls. “This method is a radical improvement over slower, conventional methods and is the most efficient way of extracting the ingredient benefits without over-processing.” Whole plant ingredients are immersed in oil or hydro-glycerin and bathed in ultrasound, using the energies of sound and low temperatures to preserve the potency of the vitamins, amino acids, phenols and aromatic essences. The resulting Soundbath™ infusion is packed with concentrations of powerful bioactive nutrients. Through science and skincare rituals, the interlocking, water and oil-based formulas are reunited to create transformative products that work in synergy to provide the full scope of nutritional benefits for skin.

Furtuna Skin is building a network of brand ambassadors spanning estheticians, makeup artists and dermatologists to join their family and are announcing at launch their first partnership with celebrity esthetician, Shani Darden. Trusted by A-list faces like Jessica Alba, January Jones, and Kelly Rowland, Shani is beloved for her glow-inducing facials and straight forward and honest approach to skincare.

Shani Darden Skin Care will be the exclusive retailer for the new Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum which will be available for $185, 30ml/1oz. at Shanidarden.com, Shani’s Beverly Hills studio and FurtunaSkin.com beginning in November 2019.

About Furtuna Skin:
Furtuna Skin is a luxury Italian skincare brand that transforms skin with wildly potent ingredients. The brand was founded by international model and organic devotee Agatha Luczo and co-founder and clean beauty pioneer Kim Walls to bring unparalleled efficacy to natural beauty. Futurna Skin is a visionary force in clean beauty with a trifecta of differences: wildly potent ingredients, bold innovation, and rare luxury. All products contain bioactives from unique ingredients, with some so rare in skincare, they are exclusive to Furtuna Skin. From foraging to formulating, they are bringing new advancements and unprecedented performance to natural skincare. For more information, visit FurtunaSkin.com and follow them @FurtunaSkin on Instagram and Facebook.

About La Furtuna:
From La Furtuna comes a suite of luxury brands made with ingredients sourced from the farm in Sicily. Bona Furtuna makes award-winning olive oils, pasta sauces, artisan salts and more. Bambini Furtuna offers natural wellness products for children’s health to give parents peace of mind. Furtuna Skin brings unparalleled performance to natural skincare with wildly potent botanicals that transform skin. For more information, visit LaFurtuna.com.

To shop and learn more, visit FurtunaSkin.com.

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