HPC approves front and rear facade work at 331-333 Broad St.

July 20, 2017 GMT

Rome City Brewing Co. owners Trent Prault and Jay Shell got a green light Wednesday from the Rome Historic Preservation Commission for both front and rear facade changes at 331-333 Broad St. Shell said he hopes to have renovations to both buildings completed by the end of the year.

Shell explained the Rome City Brewing Company would be expanding its brewery operations from 325 Broad St. to 333 Broad, where a new 10-barrel brewing system will be located.

Architect Bill Jones said nesting doors, similar to those at the Dark Side of the Moon, would replace the storefronts on both buildings on the Broad Street facades. “It is a welcome change to the visual aesthetics of downtown,” said staff planner Brittany Griffin. The West First Street side of the buildings will be cleaned up and a new roll-up overhead entrance would be added to permit forklifts to deliver items to the microbrewery.

Shell said the new microbrewery will allow him to greatly expand the amount of beer that is being produced and enable the company to get into distribution of the various beers to outlets across the region. He will continue to operate the existing four-barrel system at 325 Broad St.

The deck on the roof of the backside of the buildings is also being replaced and will feature steel posts and stainless steel cable railing design.

Members of the HPC were also briefed on planned updates to both the HPC guidelines and the Historic Preservation ordinance itself.

“This is not going to be a quick fix process,” said Assistant City Manager Patrick Eidson. Griffin said whatever changes are made to the guideline the commission must be able to justify them to both the State Historic Planning Office and U.S. Department of the Interior.