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Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the graveyard groundskeeper Alex. I asked him where several gravesites were. I would have spent countless hours traversing the grounds (in one case I wouldn’t have seen it as the stone was old and grass and dust had accumulated on it) had it not been for Alex’s diligent work. Our family would not have had closure. So hats off to Alex.

Onions to the mayor for allowing RV’ers to be allowed to camp anywhere they want in the desert! By Walmart, it looks ghetto. If they want to be here, they should pay like the rest of us do. This problem needs to be addressed. They are trashing a beautiful city.

Orchids to the Lake Havasu Firefighters for another great Retirees’ Dinner. Always delicious and lots of fun meeting other retirees from all over. Looking forward to next year and thanks again. It is much appreciated. Ex-Captain Ron

Onions to the person that does not know the difference between socialism and socializing. I have been told they walk among us, and I do hope this person does not vote.

Orchids to the man from St. Paul. He came up with a brilliant idea of changing 49 street names in Lake Havasu City, to states where snowbirds hail from. He’d like to see Swanson changed to Minnesota. Not being discourteous to Robert McCulloch Sr., But California Boulevard would be my choice to replace that road.

Onions to Trump. Repeal and replace is a scam; if you have a better plan, please show us all.

Orchids to ASU Lake Havasu. What a difference the new leadership has made in the last two years! Camps, lectures, new programming, new degree offerings, and opportunities for high school students--you offer it all!

Onions to cheap home rentals. If you have junk vehicles, cars, ATVs, UVs, UTEs, motorcycles, trailers, and boats but no place to store them; rent a house in Lake Havasu City. Then you can park them in your front yard. This appears to be acceptable.

Orchids to Sleep Genies on Scott Dr. Quality American Made Product, Excellent price and Outstanding Customer Service. We’ll be back, M and K

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