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Second sewer spill reported near Chickamauga

November 2, 2018 GMT

A second sewer water spill caused by a blockage of grease occurred Wednesday, October 31, near Chickamauga, according to Brandon Whitley, Interim General Manager of Walker County Water & Sewerage Authority.

Crews were cleaning WCWSA lines in the area of last week’s grease blockage when a chunk of grease about the size of two basketballs broke off and became lodged in the sewer line. This portion of the sewer system cannot be turned off during cleaning, so the restriction caused a discharge in a remote wooded area between Glass Mill Road and Lee Clarkson Road.

Since WCWSA crews and independent contractors with sewer cleaning vacuum trucks were already working in the area, their quick response to clear the restriction limited the discharge to about 500 gallons. Crews will continue to work in the area to remove grease from the sewer system. It’s unclear how long the cleaning process will take.

WCWSA reported this sewer water spill to Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The affected area remains roped off, with signs posted and lime spread.

WCWSA officials continue to urge customers to limit the amount of grease cleaned off pots, pans and dishes and rinsed down the sink. Cooking grease solidifies in the collection system, like bacon grease in your skillet, and can lead to these types of issues.