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Mystery Brewing pours its last beers

November 1, 2018 GMT

After nearly seven years, Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough is pouring its last few beers.

“A lot of tears and a lot of highs and a lot of lows,” said owner Eric Myers.

“The reason we are shutting down is we’ve run out of operating capital,” he said. “We just don’t have to money to keep going.”

In a block with only a half-dozen store fronts, the loss of a local business takes a toll.

Lisa Wells works at Paws at the Corner, a pet supply store three doors down from Mystery Brewing.

“Anytime an independent store, business, does not continue,” she said, “it hits home.”

Kathy Hupp and her husband own Whit’s Frozen Custard.

“It’s going to be sad,” she said. “It’s really going to be sad.”

She said she hopes the loss of Mystery Brewing doesn’t start a domino effect.

“I’m really sad with what’s going to happen on this corner,” Myers said.

After closing on Wednesday, Mystery Brewing will become another ghost of the micro-brew world.