It’ll Be a Thriller

February 3, 2019 GMT

By David Pevear

Church choirs can now be heard whenever championship-spoiled New Englanders and coma-inducing NFL analysts mention “Brady and Belichick.” Yes, it is tough to pick against Brady and Belichick. We have heard this several gazillion times. Which makes picking the Patriots simple and unimaginative. No fun. Kiddie-slope stuff.

So here is to fearlessness (or recklessness). Besides, it is not as if straying off the trail is to invite certain prognosticative doom. Tom Brady, the greatest of the greats, might pass for 505 yards on Sunday night ... and the Patriots still might lose. (New England pulled off that amazing trick just last year.)


When you think about it, the crystal ball is crystal clear. Expect a thriller because the Patriots do not know any other way. The Pats will score plenty. So will the Rams.

But still the ball will be in Brady’s hands near the end (simply because it must be), with the Patriots riding toward yet another indescribable victory. And here is when Aaron Donald or Ndamukong Suh will strip-sack Brady -- or they won’t.