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Digital Mike: Fireworks phone photos are tricky if you don’t know the tricks

June 30, 2018 GMT

It’s just about fireworks season. Or perhaps you’ve already heard some of the boomers. With the Fourth of July approaching, I thought it might be time for tips.


Have you tried to capture an image with your cell phone of the soaring fireworks you’re witnessing in the air? It’s tricky stuff. Ask any of the PB photographers and they’ll tell you there’s an art to the effort. Sometimes the PB even runs their tips. If you’ve got your cell phone, you might give this article a consult or Google up something. A steady camera is one of the keys. Read the link for more tips.


Tips and techniques

Nikon has a good primer on shooting fireworks with a camera. It’s heavy on recommending their products, but not surprising since it’s their website. So sift through the marketing for the strong advice on capturing the images that your eyes are witnessing. Then get out there and scout out your spot before the big show. Think of it as though you’re reserving your spot for the Rochesterfest parade.


Summer hikes

I like to hike in all seasons, but summer’s a good one to get out and enjoy the terrain. I was out for Father’s Day in the sweltering heat at Root River County Park to stretch the legs and really sweat. Here’s a good site to help you scout out trails in our region based on user comments. It’s a good resource as you look for options near where you live or near your vacation destination. Maybe the North Shore? Give it a look.



Another great option for our great outdoors is camping. But don’t show up that day hoping to find a spot. You might get lucky, but you’d better cover you bets by use the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ campsite reservation system. It’s good and you can save yourself the headache of arriving without a plan. Make a plan, explore a state park and stay overnight. Book it!


Fair season

July rings in the fair season in Minnesota. But where’s the fair? Check here with the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs. What’s the first one on their list in our neck of the woods? Cannon Valley in Cannon Falls begins July 1. How about the first county fair in our region? That’s Winona County in St. Charles on July 11. It’s a good starting point to find your way to the midways, the fried foods and the cattle judging barns of southeast Minnesota. Mix it into your summer fun.