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32 Years a City Leader, Freda’s Not Done Yet

By Stephen Landry, slandry@sentinelandenterprise.comJanuary 10, 2019

LEOMINSTER -- When Claire Freda was sworn in to her 13th term on the City Council Monday night, she began her 32nd year in local government, making her the longest-serving elected official in the city.

Freda said her interest in politics was sparked in the late 1970s, when she began reading about a proposal that would shuffle students around to different schools in the city. Her daughter was just entering the educational system at the time.

“There was a group of parents who protested a little bit, got signatures, put a petition in to stop the move, which we were able to do,” said Freda, who has worked for decades as a Realtor in the city. She said stopping the measure made the city more attractive to people looking to relocate to the area. “One of the biggest things in looking for a home is where your children are going to go to school.”

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