Letter: Bergstein the same kind of Democrat

January 30, 2019 GMT

To the editor,

It’s always interesting to see how politicians behave once they’re in office. Newly elected state Sen. Alexandra Bergstein campaigned last fall as a “different kind of Democrat.” She also said the “notion of ‘tax-and-spend Democrats’ is a stereotype and it certainly doesn’t apply here to us.”

It will thus be very instructive to see how Sen. Bergstein reacts to her party’s intention to impose a statewide property tax on automobiles. Everyone knows, of course, this is just the first step toward the Democrats’ long-stated goal of establishing a statewide tax on real estate. Under these proposals, property taxes will be set in, and sent to, Hartford — rather than Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford. This scheme to raise taxes on more affluent areas will be an immediate disaster for Greenwich and most other Fairfield County taxpayers — and eventually a disaster for the entire state.


Even casual observers instinctively understand that this state’s immense fiscal problems will not be solved by extracting even more money from its citizens and private sector businesses (such as, for example, by blanketing the state with tolls).

Finally, Sen. Bergstein was recently quoted as saying “But I do expect mutual respect. That means no shouting, be courteous and civil and share your point without any intentional misinterpretation of facts.” That comment is, at best, unintentionally ironic in the context of her party’s political behavior over the past several years. Just ask Justice Kavanaugh.

John R. Raben is former chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee.