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Edgewood High School delays city review on proposed stadium

January 10, 2019 GMT

At the request of neighbors, Edgewood High School will delay city review of its controversial proposal for a $1 million, 1,000-seat stadium to serve its state-of the-art artificial-surface field and track.

The city’s Plan Commission on Monday was to consider Edgewood’s proposed amendment to a master plan to add lighting, a sound system, seating, team rooms, restrooms, concessions, ticket booth, storage and a press box. A City Council decision was expected on Jan. 22.

The review has now been postponed to an unspecified date. The delay is intended to give neighbors a chance to review new information presented by the school.


The stadium proposal has sharply divided the surrounding neighborhood, with opponents voicing concern about lighting, sound system and crowd noise, traffic, parking, field uses, and more.

This week, Edgewood offered a compromise to reduce the number of proposed night games from 40 to 25, end football by 10 p.m. and other contests by 8:30 p.m., and include a barrier or screen that would reduce sound to homes facing the stadium on Woodrow Street.

The compromise -- which would also clarify language in an existing master plan regarding field use, add language to support a farmers’ market, and set overall field use at 2018 levels -- came as the school released a new sound study and environmental impact statement.

On Wednesday, the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association, which opposes the improvements, called on Edgewood to delay city consideration.

“In an effort to be a good neighbor, I granted the request,” Edgewood President Michael Elliott said.

“With the additional time, DMNA plans to carefully review the new information in order to understand what is now being proposed and communicate to its membership,” Rachel Fields, vice president of the neighborhood association, said in a statement. “The organization is also reiterating its call for Edgewood to meet with DMNA leadership to discuss the proposal in person -- a call which has been ignored by Edgewood to date. Major proposals like this should be considered in a completely transparent manner.”